East London Here We Come!

What an incredible few months it has been. Having found our dream location in North Acton last year, we thought the dream of bring blobfish to London was alive.

And then out of the blue disaster struck. The excavating which was required to build ‘the tank’ turned out to be more problematic than we had thought. Suddenly it looked like our dream would remain purely that.

But no. Not to be deterred we set about looking for another suitable site – and low and behold we found it. We didn’t want to make an announcement until all the relevant paper work had gone through but we can now announce construction is well and truly under way in our new location in East London.

We won’t say quite where just yet, but rest assured the Mother Bar is not too far away (probably giving our age away there…).

We never dreamt in a million years that we would be able to afford somewhere of suitable size in East London- but lets just say we got very, very lucky – and that The Blobfish Cafe has some extremely generous benefactors.

In little over a years time our doors will be open (not the tank doors, that would be disastrous). There is still an incredible amount of work to do and we know a year might seem like a long way off – but nothing has ever been attempted like this before – so please bare with us. We promise it’ll be worth the wait!

For info keep an eye on this website and make sure you follow Lorcan on twitter.