15 Celebrities That Don’t Like Blobfish

15 Celebrities That Don’t Like Blobfish

Not everyone loves the blobfish. Here are fifteen celebrities that have struck the blobfish from their Christmas card list.

1. Denzel Washington, Actor

“Blobfish? Couldn’t give a fuck.”

2. Andrew Strauss, Cricketer

“Total piss.”

3. Heather Graham, Actress

“Tried them. Didn’t like them. Ten, fifteen years ago, maybe. But not in the current climate.”

4. Michael Gove, Politician

“String the globular bastards up.”

5. Mark Ruffalo, Actor

“I just find myself asking – why? What is the obsession? Wouldn’t you prefer your fish hard?”

6. David de Gea, Footballer

“Ha ha – the blobfish? No.”

7. Ed Sheeran, Singer

“I tried sending one in the post to Taylor – she loves them- but by the time it arrived it looked as though I’d committed a sex act in an envelope. Our friendship never truly recovered.”

8. Wiz Khalifa, Rapper

“Definitely not my favourite of the Psychrolutidae family”

9. Margaret Atwood, Writer

“Better born a stone than a blobfish”

10. Tom Hardy, Actor

“Those gelatinous bastards are not fucking alley.”

11. Bear Grylls, TV Presenter

“There is some nutritional value in their lower digestive tract – but quite frankly I’d rather starve.”

12. Sebastian Vettel, F1 Driver

“I can’t understand why people keep asking me. Let this be the last time. Please. I have no interest in blobfish”

13. Elon Musk, Entrepreneur

“No muscle matter? I’d like to jam an electric motor up their lazy a**es.”

14. Amanda Holden, ?

“No. Not Blobfish.”

15. Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director at the Royal Court

“Fuck that shit”